Serving Salt Lake Valley and surrounding areas, Summit Aikikai is a training community of committed martial artists. We use Aikido and other training regimes to forge and polish our character. As people with diverse characters and lifestyles come together for practice, they gain concrete experience in reconciling different points of view. In addition, each member trains and progresses at his or her own pace, finding harmony through personal development. After the teacher demonstrates a technique, students practice with one another in pairs, each taking turns.

Regular practice brings a sense of authenticity and self-confidence that permeates all aspects of daily life. Summit Aikikai offers a community that is dedicated to a exciting path of improving mind, spirit and body. The recognition and acceptance of this challenging training is the surest means of consistent personal transformation.

Located in the Sugarhouse area of Salt Lake City, we are just off the I-80, we train with and welcome all students.

Chief Instructor:  A. G. Peterson Sensei began aikido training at Salt Lake City Aikikai. He then apprenticed for three years as a kenshusei or Instructor Trainee at San Diego Aikikai under T.K. Chiba, Shihan (personal student of O’Sensei, and director of Birankai International).  He trained and taught at various dojos including Capital Aikikai, DC; Aikido Institute of Miami, FL; and Florida Aikikai. He is an advisor to New Tampa Aikido, FL; Joshua’s Forge, CA; Three Forks Aikido, OK; Salt Creek Aikikai, WY and Las Vegas Aikikai, NV. Regularly invited as a guest instructor, he is President of Birankai North America; registered as a 6th Dan, Shidoin; and certified to teach by Birankai North America, the International Aikido Federation and Hombu Aikikai.

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Getting started is easy, just fill out the form on the Sign-Up page and we’ll get back to you quickly. Or, if you want to get started right now, call us at 305-761-0428, and we’ll take care of the rest!

I look forward to seeing you on the mat,


Alex Peterson

Chief Instructor

Summit Aikikai