Schedule / Location

Are you ready for some rigorous and enjoyable training?

If you are in Salt Lake Valley or the Sugarhouse  area, come join us on the mat.  Please check the calendar on our sign up page for special events or schedule changes.

Times: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
8-9 am Meditation Misogi

Apt only

Meditation Misogi

Apt only

Meditation Saturday classes are ONLY by appointment
9-10 am           Aikido
10-11 am           Weapons / Iaido
11-noon   Video Aikido    Video Aikido    
5-6 pm   Kids Aikido     Kids Aikido  
6-7 pm Aikido Aikido Aikido Weapons Aikido  
7-8 pm Advanced Aikido Weapons Iaido Advanced Aikido Iaido  


We are located at 819 E. 2100 S. in Sugarhouse almost across the street from the big ice cream cone sign.  You can park behind the building or on the streets of 800 E. or 850 E. The dojo entrance faces 2100 S.