Aikido: A non-violent, non-competitive Japanese martial art of self-defense. Through practice, members acquire physical skills and the capacity to maintain equanimity and tranquility in situations of crisis and stress in any area of their lives, whether it be at home, at work, or on the street.

a.  Our Basics Aikido class is for the new or Kyu grade students. We work on fundamental movement, body structure, stretching, light conditioning and base-level techniques.

b.  Our Advanced Aikido class is for the Aikidoist with some experience. We focus on complex techniques, ukemi, rigorous conditioning and advanced forms. Ask the Chief Instructor if this class is right for you.

Weapons: Aikido weapons training does not use weapons to attack, but to integrate the weight, balance, stance, timing, and distance of one’s body movement.  Students use wooden staff, sword and knife as tools to polish and develop their body, mind and spirit.  As K. Ueshiba (O’Sensei’s son) wrote in his book, Aikido “unless you can make the weapons part of your body, you have not truly trained in Aikido.”

Iaido: Batto-ho, “sword-drawing method,” is based on Iaido, “the Way of sword drawing” and other traditional forms of Japanese sword work.  It further reveals and explores the roots of Aikido.  Included in this body of work are the traditional forms of Omori-ryu, Shindo Munen Ryu and Hasegawa Eishin Ryu. Our Iaido training is integrated into our Aikido training. If you are interested, speak to the Chief Instructor.

Zazen / Meditation: Mature martial study includes self-reflection. For the modern warrior, Zen / meditative training increases one’s focus. We combine this with Aikido conditioning; exercises to waken our bodies and prepare us for zazen / meditation.  One need not share the Zen Buddhist approach to practice.

Misogi-Harai: Also known as misogi-no-kokyu-ho, this is vigorous exhaustive training in breathing.  Our practice of this misogi shugyo is desperate, ravenous, fierce and relentless to bring forth and strengthen that core most essential to humanity. Participation is by invitation.

Kids: These classes are open to ages 8-15.  They provide the basis for body development, conditioning and strengthening.  Kids learn self esteem, respect for others and discipline applicable in both academic and athletic endeavors.

Open Mat: These sessions allow for serious but unstructured martial play.  Opportunities to explore insights, questions conclusions and integrate training into real life scenarios.

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