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Fee Structure

Summit Aikikai uses a tiered pricing structure.  $20 per class at 4 classes per month down to $0.70 per class at 16 classes per month.  Attendance is valued and reflected in our fee structure.  Train more; pay less.

Thanks to a generous donor, we also have scholarships available and special pricing packages.  Come in and we can discuss what is right for you!

New Member Special – FREE TRAINING

To support your decision to commit to training and make quality life improvements, we are offering 3 months of FREE training.  Come on in, train and let’s get you active again!

Simple Online sign up

You can now sign up for training, select a program, or even register for a free class online.  Simply use our sign up page. Or come on in and we will take care of it for you.  You deserve training.

New Location in Sugarhouse

We have moved into a permanent location.  We are located in the Sugarhouse area of Salt Lake City.  We are on 2100 S at 819 East.  We have ample lighted parking in the rear of the building, changing rooms and fun rigorous training.  Make a change for the better.